Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesterday Was a Lazy Day...Today's a Different Story!

If you read my post yesterday, you may be thinking that's how my entire week will go...not so! I had to take one day to be lazy on my Spring Break, and I chose yesterday. But the real world awaits me, and these are the things I must do today:

1) Wash Chandler's hair again (since he insists everything he eats must go in it)
2) Wash a sink full of dishes left over from last night's dinner
3) Put away yet even more clean laundry (it's a never ending cycle)
4) Sweep the floors
5) Buy a few groceries
6) Go to the dentist
7) Organize and/or shred some paperwork
8) Cook dinner (perhaps I'll do a double batch of something to freeze)
9) Do Chandler's 14 month mini photo session (It gets harder as he gets older!)
10) Take aluminum cans to recycling
11) Drop off some dry cleaning (This is a rare thing for me, but it must be done!)

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