Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Again!

How does this day get around again so fast every week, but Friday seems to take forever to get here? I'll never be able to answer that question, but I know that Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week for me!

1. School meetings have never been my idea of fun, but having one at 8:15 on a Monday morning is the worst! I hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon.

2. A birthday party, the arrival of the Book Fair, and the threat of indoor recess due to the questionable weather had 18 first graders hyped up, and it left their teacher exhausted. Throw in a faculty meeting that lasted until 4:30, and that was my day.

3. Thankfully, Brent is off work tonight, so he picked up Chandler and I got to head out to the gym. I am determined I am going to tone up and lose a few pounds!

4. Well, there goes that plan! Brent baked some yummy homemade Oatmeal Raisin cookies, and I just had to have a couple of them when they came out of the oven. (They are made with oatmeal and raisins, so how bad can they really be?)

5. I am spending this evening with my two favorite guys, so all is good in my world after all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tax Return

It was so excited to go online and find that our tax return went in the bank today, a whole two days early! So, what are our plans for this money? Well...

1) Tithe
2) Pay off the Sears credit card debt (It's not too bad, but we hate having it looming over us)
3) Pay off a big chunk of my student loan
4) Spend a small portion on something fun for the family (or maybe a couple of somethings!)
5) Put the rest into savings

I love getting money back from the government!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I enjoy reading Lindsey's Manic/Miscellany Monday posts, so I thought I'd try one myself. I'll figure out how to add a cute button later!

1. I can't explain how wonderful it was to return to a clean and tidy classroom after being out for a day and half last week. A wonderful friend and substitute had my workboard and calendar board all clean and ready, and the date was even changed. It really was a great way to start the day, especially a Monday. Thanks April!

2. It's one of my favorite times of the year...GIRL SCOUT cookie time! I was so pleased to see three boxes of thin mints waiting for me at school this morning. I had forgotten they were coming in, and it was a nice treat. Since I am trying to be a good girl and eat more healthy, I shared some with my students, and I sent one whole box with Brent to share with his coworkers.

3. For dinner tonight, I created my own version of Taco Soup with the ingredients I had in my pantry and freezer. A few years ago, this would have been a foreign idea to me, but I love how I am learning to coupon and stock up when items are on sale. Next step- purchase a chest freezer to store all those good deals!

4. My copy of ALL YOU magazine came in the mail this weekend, and since Chandler went to bed a little early, I had an extra half hour to myself to catch up on reading from this awesome magazine. If you like to save money, be organized, and enjoy tips from other women and moms on how to make your life simpler, this is the magazine for you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Birthday

Who says that turning 30 is that bad?

School was out, so I got to sleep in until 8:30, and I woke up to birthday signs all over the house from Brent(see a few below). Brent and I also got to go to lunch together sans Chandler...something we haven't done in a while, and we ended the afternoon by having family photos made.

What More Could I Ask For?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was the sixth one that Brent and I have celebrated as a married couple, and with all the hints and ideas I had been throwing out in the last few weeks, I just knew this would be the year he was going to do something special to celebrate our love for each other. It's not that I wanted him to spend a lot of money, or do something huge, but I was hoping for something a little least a homemade card!

Imagine my disappointment when all I got was a store- bought card, and not even a romantic one at that. At first, I didn't say a word. I simply stewed over my disappointment silently, but as the day went on, I allowed my disappointment to turn into a nasty complaint against the man I love, and I even made it public. SHAME ON ME!

Brent could tell I was very upset, and the fact that Chandler had been crying most of the day due to another ear infection didn't help, either, but being the good man he is, he didn't say a word. He just packed up Chandler's diaper bag and headed out for a while to leave me home alone.

If you know anything about me, I pouted for a little while and cleaned my house like a mad-woman (which I was), but then I began to pray. I prayed first for forgiveness for the way I acted toward the man I love. I mean, my husband wasn't trying to be spiteful at all. He just isn't the romantic type, and I'm going to have to accept that. While other men are constantly doting over their wives and giving them things, Brent shows me he loves me by doing things like washing my car, helping me fold laundry, or helping get Chandler ready when we are going out.

Secondly, I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. God has given me a wonderful husband who loves me for who I am, flaws and all, and He has sent us a son that we both love and adore. When my boys returned home, I began to cry, and I told them how much I love them. I even got to spend my Valentine's evening at home with both of them. I am so thankful that Brent can forgive and forget, but more than that, God can, too! What more could I ask for?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. . .

I have discovered that it's the simple things I like best.

holding Chandler as he sleeps
hot showers that steam up the entire bathroom
warm spring days
holding hands with Brent
swinging at the park
evening phone calls from my sweetie when he has to work
clean sheets
praying in the car on the way to work
listening to a beautiful song
baby fingers, especially Chandler's

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No One Ever Told Me...

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how quickly a year would pass by when my sweet little boy was born last year. I can't believe he's one.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how his sweet little giggles would make me forget all the stresses of the day, even if just for a little while. His giggles and smiles light up my world.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how difficult it would be to pack up his newborn clothes and put them away. I held each piece and remembered how small he was when he wore them, and I couldn't believe it.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how precious it would be to have the privilege of rocking him to sleep each night and hear him sucking on his lips as he drifts off to dreamland. This is still one of my favorite things.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how I would become a "crier", and how most of the tears would be joyous ones that only a mother can understand. Before motherhood, you rarely would have caught me crying, and now I cry at least a couple times a week.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how overwhelmed with love my heart would be just to have him in my life. My heart is happy each time I think of him.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how much he would change my entire outlook on life. Now all the things that I've seen other mothers do over the years make complete sense to me.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how hard it would be to leave him when I had to go back to work. My heart ached, even though I knew he was in good hands.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how sweet it would be to cuddle with him. I love doing this even though he is a little wiggle worm.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how I would turn into my own mother. As a teenager, this would have been a nightmare in my eyes, but now it is a blessing. She is an amazing woman.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how hard it would be sometimes. Many nights I go to bed exhausted after working all day and playing all evening while keeping my house half-way clean and getting dinner on the table, but each and every moment with him is precious, and I treasure them all.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how guilty I would feel for being away from my son. It makes me very sad.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how becoming a mother would help me better understand my own relationship with Jesus Christ and how God loves us no matter what we do. He gave up HIS SON for us. Oh, what a love that is!

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how wonderful becoming a mother would be. I am so thankful God is allowing me to raise Chandler. He is such a wonderful blessing.

Why did no one ever tell me these things? They couldn't... you have to experience it to understand it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5, 10, 15

February is a big month around our house, and not just because of Valentine's Day and tax season approaching. Chandler's birthday is the 5th, Brent's is the 10th, and mine is the 15th. It's really neat how it all worked out that way, especially since Chandler came on his own that day without even being prompted, just two days before his due date.

2011 marks big birthdays for all of us, too. Chandler will turn one, and Brent and I will both turn 30. I think it's kind of nice that I will have something to help take my mind off the fact that I am leaving my 20s behind. It's not that I particularly dread turning 30, because I don't, but the older I get, the more things change, which I have accepted at the new normal. In the meantime, it's pretty cool to share how our birthdays all line up like they do. God knew exactly what he was doing.