Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ah, Spring Break...

I look forward to this time every year. This time, we didn't have any big plans, and it was nice not to have a schedule. Here are some things I did...

* Walked the 4.6 mile Lake Russell Loop with the two boys I love most

* Celebrated Chandler's 14 month birthday

* Washed, folded, and hung up tons of laundry
* Dropped off some dry cleaning
* Went to the dentist
* Spent the day with my two boys and the Purcell family in Hiawassee and gave Chandler his first roasted marshmallow

* Did a lot of cooking- I even froze a few meals for later!
* Went on some nice walks around the neighborhood with Chandler
* Played with the dogs
* Went to Target and TJMaxx in the same day (Happy, Happy!)

* Bought Chandler's first Easter eggs to hunt and some cute bunny shaped cheese snacks to go in them
* Slept late every day and took a nap almost every day, too (Now that is what I'm going to miss!)
* Went out to eat with Brent and Chandler
* Introduced Chandler to using his own plate (Up until now, I have just been putting his food on his highchair tray)

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