Monday, June 27, 2011

Six Years

This past Saturday, June 25, Brent and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Here are the top 6 reasons I am so blessed to be his wife:

6. He knows how to have fun.
5. He has never kissed anyone but me, and it took me kissing him first before he got up the nerve to kiss me in the first place.
4. He likes to cuddle with me, and he keeps me warm when I'm cold.
3. He "gets" me like no one else does...sillyness and all!
2. He is a wonderful Daddy to our son Chandler.
1. He genuinely loves me, and only me. He may not be the romantic type, but he is faithful to me, and he shows me he loves me by the little things he does. I don't have to worry about what he's doing when we are not together.

The Cabbage Patch

On Friday afternoon, we ventured over to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland. Brent's brother and his wife are here from Texas, and this was one of the places they wanted to visit while they are here. Chandler absolutely LOVED watching the newest Cabbage Patch Kid being born. He laughed at everything Nurse Makenzie said. It was hilarious!

Chandler in the Cabbage Chair

Nurse Makenzie

Let's just say, the building itself, not to mention all the beautiful landscaping, will take your breath away! If you live in Northeast Georgia or plan to be in the area sometime soon, it's definitely a must-see, and the best part? It's FREE to get in! Just beware if you have kids (specifically girls) over the age of 2...they'll definitely find a doll they want!

Babyland General Hospital

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motorcycles & Tractors

On Father's Day, we were fortunate enough to get to spend the day together as a family.

After church, we visited with Nana and Grandad, and it was a nice surprise that Aunt Alison got to come, too. The best part of the visit for Chandler...
A cool little motorcycle from Alison!

Although he's not quite big enough to ride it on his own, he loved sitting on it, and he even made motorcycle noises to go along with it.

Then, Sunday evening, we got to spend some time with Grandmama and Grandpa, and Chandler got to ride the tractor with his cousin Connor. The boys spent about 45 minutes outside with Grandpa, and they loved every minute!

There's A Reason They Make Swim Diapers

The other day, Brent went out to mow the lawn, and it was driving Chandler crazy that his Daddy was outside, and he wasn't. He went to all the windows he could get to, and kept calling him. That boy loves his Daddy, and he loves being outside! To save my sanity, I decided to let Chandler get in his pool so he could watch Daddy.

Because I didn't really plan it all out, I just took Chandler's shorts off and put him in the pool without changing him into a swim diaper. Well, I don't think I'll do that again...there's a reason they recommend those things! The poor little guy could barely walk when he got out because his diaper was so heavy.

It's Officially Summer!

Summer is officially here, so I thought I would list some things that make summer special for me. What are your summertime faves?

1. No school

2. More time with my boys

3. Sleeping late and/or taking naps during the day

4. Swimming pools

5. Flip Flops

6. Maxi dresses

7. Ice cream

8. The beach

9. Pedicures

10. No bedtime (for the adults, anyway)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday, I am thankful for...

1) An afternoon thunderstorm- Chandler and I were curled up on the couch, and he was snoring in my ear. It was perfect! I may we strange, but I love to hear thunder and see lightning.

2) My church- More specifically, I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people from our church this week in VBS that I don't usually get to work with.

3) The Beach- Need I say more? We've been counting down to this trip for months, and we are so excited to be hitting the road Saturday morning.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picture Perfect...A Two For One Deal!

If you are a mom to small children, or you ever have been, you can completely relate to this post. No, it's not that today held any more "picture perfect" moments than any other typical day, it's just that I happened to capture a couple of them on camera this time.

It all started out when I decided to make breakfast for dinner. It's a favorite around our house. First, I needed to get out the flour. All was going well until I accidently left the pantry door open...

Well, you know what happened next!

And then, after dinner, I realized that Chandler was a little too quiet. He was only a few feet from me, and I thought he was reading a book...

Poor Jesus!

A Mom's Day of Pampering

Yesterday, my mother-in-law kept Chandler because she wanted to spend some time with him before we all hit the road for vacation in a couple of separate directions. So, I took advantage of the free afternoon and used my Mother's Day manicure/pedicure gift card, and I enjoyed every minute!

It was glorious to be having my back, feet, and hands massaged all at the same time, without a care in the world, or a time table for where I had to be next. I don't remember the last time my finger nails were painted. I definitely don't do them myself, because my poor right hand would look pitiful if I tried to paint my nails left-handed.

The best part is, I now have cute toes, all ready for the beach!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Summertime Monday

Sunday afternoon, I helped turn a regular ole' Sunday School room into a New York themed craft room to prepare for VBS this week. Today, we helped about 60 kids from 4th grade through 8th grade made origami skyscrapers. As we made them, we talked about how we have faith when we walk into a building that it will not fall on us- that the engineers who designed it made it structurally stable. We learned that having FAITH in God is the same way- we can't always see the behind-the-scenes work going on, but we must trust that God knows best. If we have FAITH in God, he will make us structurally stable, too. Please pray for all the workers and students attending VBS at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Clarkesville, GA that we will all have the FAITH in God that he desires us to have.

And speaking of VBS, it seems that Chandler had a blast with his buddies, too. When it was time to go, I found him in the "Bye-Bye Buggy" (a six-child stroller cart), cruising around with a grin on his face. He was asleep within five minutes of leaving the church, and he slept for two hours after we got home, so this mama could rest, too. I can't wait until tomorrow to do it all again!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for the Dollar Tree. Yeah, I may be a little cheesy, but they have some really awesome things there, like teacher supplies, balloons, greeting cards, and kid toys. The best part? Nothing costs over a dollar!

2. I am thankful for the little blue plastic kiddie pools. Chandler has been having a blast in his this week. We got it just in time for the ninety-plus degree weather it seems.

3. I am thankful for lazy days at home. About all I accomplished today was washing and putting away a few loads of laundry, but I got to spend the day with my two favorite boys. More and more, I am content with just being at home.