Saturday, September 8, 2012


The group of kids I have at school this year are great. They listen when I ask them to do something (mostly), they are all eager to learn, and they are overall pleasurable to be around. I look forward to seeing them everyday. I can't wait to take them to new heights in their learning this year.

Brent and I are blessed that my mom, "Grandmama" and his mom, "Nana', are willing and able to keep Chandler during the week while we both work, but it's still not easy to leave him sometimes. I often feel so guilty for being away from him for so many hours of the day. I feel even more guilty when I lose my patience with him during the time I do have at home with him.

I hear that this is something all moms have to deal with, whether they work on a public job or not. However, it doesn't keep my heart from breaking.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time at Lake Hartwell with Brent's aunt and her family. Chandler had his first swim in the lake, as well as his first ride on a pontoon boat. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend without a full agenda, and I liked that it was close to home so we didn't have to spend all our time on the road.

We stayed late on both Saturday and Sunday before heading home, and Chandler had a blast! He loved being the youngest kid there because it meant he got lots of attention from everyone. Lots of memories were made this weekend, but I am most thankful that God kept all of us safe while we played out on the water.