Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Just Realized...

My little boy is not a toddler anymore. He's a preschooler. I guess I've known it for a while, but it really hit me hard this evening as I watched him play with all his new toys, and then as he sleepily crawled up into my lap, ready for his pjs. He didn't want the green dinosaur ones tonight. He wanted the red fire truck ones, and he told me so.

He's potty trained, he has mood swings (pouts and complaints included), and he makes up his own silly songs. He remembers things that happened over a year ago with pretty accurate detail, and he knows the words to lots of books and songs we have read or sang together. He can (mostly) dress himself, and he now often has input on what he wears when we go out. He even knows what he likes to eat and drink at various restaurants and can tell the person taking his order what he wants. His jokes sometimes even make sense now, and he knows how to flash that sweet dimpled grin to get himself out of trouble. (In other words, he knows he's cute.)

He gives sweet hugs and kisses, and he loves to tell secrets. His facial expressions give him away. He can count to 20 and spell his name (with help; it is 8 letters long, you see), he plays well alone, and most of the time he gets along with other kids, too. He likes making messes, but he likes for things to be in their place as well when the day is done. He hates having his hair washed, but he loves taking a bath. He enjoys being naked and would run around without clothes more often than not if we allowed him to.

He loves the people in his life with his whole heart, and he talks about all of us often, naming each of us regularly. His giggles are contagious. He likes to help out in the kitchen, and he even helps clean up around the house. He gets excited easily and his little eyes dance. He has a wild imagination, and he hears everything we say, even when we think he's not listening. He says a short and sweet blessing at meal times (or designates someone to do it instead), and he says sweet bedtime prayers, too.

How is it that almost 4 years have come and gone so quickly? I never knew I could love someone the way that I love my sweet and precious little guy. God must think I am very special, you see, because he chose me to be this sweet little boy's mama.

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  1. So sweet! I cannot believe that it has almost been four years. I think the boys would also like to run around naked most of the time, too. :)