Sunday, January 26, 2014

How I Keep My House Clean: Part 1

I like neat and tidy spaces, but I don't like to spend all my time cleaning. I do have a few "secrets" for keeping my house in order, so I thought I would share them with you. Today, we will take a look at my daily tasks.

DAILY TASKS: make beds, prepare lunch, wipe down bathroom counters and toilet seats, sweep the kitchen and main living area after each meal, wash or put dishes in the dishwasher right away after eating, open and file mail, do a quick pickup of entire house, laundry, lay out clothes for the next day

* My dad always made my sister and I make our beds before school, so this is a habit I formed years ago. I make Chandler's bed while he goes to the potty each morning. The timing is just about right. He is learning how to do this on his own already, too. Brent and I take turns making our bed.

* I prepare my lunch each day right after (or while I eat) breakfast. Then, all I have to do is grab it on my way out the door! 

* Wiping down the bathroom counters and toilets is one of my newer routines. I like using Clorox wipes for this task. With a preschool boy and a husband, this is a must for me!

* Sweeping is honestly not a favorite task of mine, but I found that it takes literally less than two minutes to sweep my kitchen and main living area after each meal. It really isn't that bad!

* I hate a sink of dirty dishes! That's why I like to take care of them right away whenever possible. I have also started washing dishes more often by hand to save water. It's another task that Chandler and I enjoy together. He's learning and having fun at the same time! I try to only run the dishwasher twice a week. (We do only have 3 people in our house, though, so I can understand why some families may need to use the dishwasher daily.)

* Mail...we get a lot of it, and at least half of it is junk. This is a task I have turned over to Brent for the most part. He's usually the one that goes to the mailbox, so I set up a mail sorting system and showed him how to use it. We have a place for bills (with a whiteboard nearby so we can post due dates), a place for papers that need to be filed, and a place for papers that need to be shredded. (More on that later.)

* The quick pickup around the house involves the entire family. We put up items that have accumulated around the house since the day before. It takes less than 5 minutes. I usually like to do this right before Chandler goes to bed. I want him to learn the habit of putting away his things when he is finished with them.  At times, when the house has gotten a little extra dirty or piled up, I have been known to set the timer on the microwave for 15 minutes, and we "race" to see who can get the most done!

* Until recently, I saved up most of the laundry for the weekend. Now, I do a load a day (if needed). It's much quicker and easier to put away when there's not so much at once.

* Picking out my clothes the night before is something I have done for a long time for myself, and now I also do it for Chandler. It has saved my morning many times, and I can sleep a few minutes later than I could if I didn't do this each night before bed.

Do you have some daily tasks that you would add to this list? I would love to hear all about them!

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