Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Papa Went to See Jesus

Our family knew it was coming, especially in those last few days. 
We all prayed that he would not have to suffer too much longer.
He had been through so much, and we had all heard him pray
that his time would come quickly. 
He was ready to go see Jesus, and he had been for many years.

I got the phone call on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 26 that he was gone. 
In my opinion, no matter how much you prepare yourself for something like this,
your heart still aches for the one who has gone on.
There is no doubt in my mind that he is in heaven now, 
and that he is no longer suffering
from aches, pains, and memory loss,
but he is certainly missed here on earth.  
He loved the Lord probably more than anyone I have ever personally known.
He witnessed to and prayed for anyone who would listen, 
and he visited the sick in hospitals and nursing homes
up until his body no longer allowed him to do so. 
He was generally a quiet man except when he was in the pulpit. 
When he was filled with the spirit, many people were surprised of what this
"quiet" man was capable of. 
He lived to please the Lord because he knew that he was nothing without Him.
He had a desire for all of his family and loved ones to have that relationship
with the Lord as well.
I will never forget how he prayed...
As a kid, I sometimes took his nightly prayers for granted. I didn't understand
how special and powerful they were, and I just wanted to go to bed. I didn't 
realize that he had a straight line to heaven. 
He always kneeled down for these prayers when I was younger,
but in the past few years his body didn't allow him to.
Still, in reverence for his Father, the one who gave him life,
he bowed his head, even during the last time I heard him pray,
the day after Christmas
when our family was gathered to celebrate the season.
He wasn't even able to get out of the bed that day, but he gave thanks to God for all his blessings, and I know he meant it from the bottom of his heart. 

You see, he wasn't just an occasional prayer warrior. He prayed and studied
his Bible constantly, and it was evident in his daily life. 

Now, as an adult, I have learned how important it is to pray to God on a regular basis
and study His word. 
It's how I get through life, and I am so thankful
that he modeled that for me. 
I'm not perfect by any means, 
but I serve a God who is!

I am so thankful that my son got to know his Papa, even if it was just for three years.
Chandler saw Papa on a regular basis and had no second thoughts about
climbing up in the bed beside him to give him a hug, help feed him, 
or just love on him for a while.  
The two of them loved each other dearly.

Even in the last week of his life, when he barely had energy to turn his head
he made sure he acknowledged Chandler when he was in the room, but sadly,
there came a time when he could no longer do that. 
Chandler couldn't understand why Papa didn't talk to him. 

He's been asking where Papa is.
We've been telling him that Papa has gone to heaven to be with Jesus.
When Chandler was at the funeral home and we were saying this,
he certainly didn't understand.
Now, a week after his death, he answers his own question, and I can't
help but smile when I hear my three year old say...
Papa went to see Jesus and God
...Because that is what he had been waiting for his entire life.   

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  1. It is such a blessing for your Papa and Chandler that they got three years to be good buddies! That is so sweet. Your Papa reminds me a lot of my granny. She had such a strong faith, too. Grandparents are the best, and it is so hard to see them go, even when we know that they are right where they are supposed to be.