Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Little Blessing

I have been striving lately to really take in the small moments of my life. At 3 1/2, Chandler is growing up way faster than I ever dreamed he would. It took forever for him to get here, and when he finally did, someone hit the fast forward button, and all I want to do is slow things down a bit. I just want him to be my baby for a little while longer. Time is moving way too quickly for my liking. It's important for me to slow down and enjoy this time with my son.

He is such a sponge. He has a large vocabulary that sometimes surprises me. (The other day he was talking about his "coworkers" while he played, and you can count on him being able to name all the equipment and vehicles we see on the road from excavators, cranes, backhoes, and dump trucks, to Mustangs, Jeeps, Toyotas, and motorcycles.)

He pays attention to details and remembers things that happened a long time ago. In this way he is like me.  (He still remembers that Brent took his truck to the Quality Food parking lot when he was trying to sell it, and that was about 13 months ago. He notices what people drive and what people are wearing.)

He loves and pretty much thrives on routine. (If you do something once with him, you better be prepared to do it over and over again. He doesn't forget!) He has a sense of humor and he laughs a lot. (He has lots of his own silly phrases and songs, as well as a few he has picked up from others. Ask him what his name is, and depending on the day it can vary from Ernie Bob, to Fred, to Jackson or Sam.)

He asks a million and one questions a day. (Who is that, Mama? What are they doing, Mama? Why are they doing that, Mama? What is that, Mama? Where are we going, Mama?) Sometimes when I don't know the answer to his questions, it's not good enough for him, and he tries to figure out his own answer. (His teachers will either love him or hate him for this one day!) 

He loves to help do things, and he's quite good at it, too. (He regularly helps me load and unload the car when we go somewhere. Tonight when we stopped by Ingles on the way home from church, he insisted on putting everything in the cart, and he helped the checkout girl, too. Then when we got home, he couldn't wait to help me take everything in.)

He likes for things to be in their place. He can make a big mess with the best of them, but he notices if something is not where it should be. He has been known to move things back to where they belong. (Brent usually rolls his eyes when he does this. The poor guy is probably going to end up having two Type-A personalities in his house!) 

He's a little bit stubborn. (I think he got all of that from his Daddy for sure!) He's a lot sweet. (He prays for everyone he loves every night, and he still gives lots of hugs and kisses.) Most importantly, he is mine, and I love him more than I ever knew I could love someone. I am completely smitten.

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