Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Minute Friday {Lonely}

I've been reading posts of friends who have been linking up with Lisa-Jo for a while. The idea is to blog for 5 minutes about a topic that she posts each Friday. It's not about fancy wording or trying to impress others. It's about writing from the heart.

Today's word is lonely. It grabbed me.

I am not lonely in the sense that I have no friends and family. The complete opposite is true. I have lots of people around me that I love and care for very much. They love me, too, and it's all good and wonderful, except sometimes I do feel so different from everyone around me, so lonely.

Since April of 2008, I have been pregnant 8 times. I have one sweet, precious little 3 1/2 year old boy who completely has my heart. I am very thankful for him, but I ache and yearn for the babies that I never got to see and never got to hold. When people hear of my story, they have sympathy. Most of them are even good listeners and check on me from time to time, but I have never known anyone in real life who has gone through the same thing as me.

I would love to find someone who has had the same diagnosis as me- Robertsonian translocation. Being a part of an online support group is good, but it's just not the same as chatting face to face with someone who really understands it all...


  1. praying that God gives you the community you're seeking, to share and support and walk together...
    until then, let Him wrap His arms of love tight around you!

  2. a touching post... May God give you your heart's desire! coming over from 5 minute friday.

  3. Hi lady. I typically join in FMF, but I didn't this week-it made me feel too vulnerable. Our sweet friend Lindsey Bracket directed me to you, and I'm so glad that she did! I don't have the same experience you have. Mine is the opposite-I've never been able to get pregnant, and I never will. But I do understand your isolation in that, and the loneliness that seems all encompassing. It is so difficult to find kindred spirits in this lonely road of misplaced motherhood. There is so much grieving, in so many ways, and not having someone who truly gets that, because it seems that no one else has traveled your road, it a tough pill to swallow. I'm praying that you find that some one, in real life. That you can sit down over a cup of coffee and share your stories, hearts and hurts. And I'm sending you a hug from Western WA. Take care, Salena.