Sunday, August 14, 2011

Women of Faith

This past Friday and Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to the Women of Faith conference in Atlanta with two of my coworkers who also happen to be two of my good friends. We all went to a similar conference about 2.5 years ago in Greenville, and I attended WOF with some ladies from church two years ago. Both of the conferences were wonderful and gave me some much needed encouragement, so when I had the opportunity to go again, especially since it was the weekend before school and I wouldn't have to take off work to go, I jumped for it.

The three of us had a blast together! We laughed, cried, and laughed some more. It's good to get out with girlfriends from time to time. As women, we wear so many hats and often don't take enough time just for ourselves.

This weekend was fun and encouraging to me, and I can't wait for other opportunities like this in the future.

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