Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Weekend on Hilton Head Island

Once again we had the opportunity to visit Hilton Head Island for a few days with Brent's parents. (I wish we could have stayed two weeks like they did!) The weather was hot and sunny, and we had a great time exploring together outside. Here are a few snapshots from our trip.

We enjoyed some food and fun on the way down. Chandler was so excited to be going to the beach. He had been asking about it all week! Surprisingly, he stayed awake the entire trip even though much of it was at night, and he did great!

Chandler enjoyed riding his Daddy's bike all over the place each day we were there. At first, he was a little unsure about all of it, but he soon settled in for the ride.

He enjoyed seeing all the people, cars and trucks, alligators and birds. It was fun watching him take everything in.

Here, we were stopped to rest by one of the ponds. He kept telling the alligators to wake up. It was the cutest thing! He loved exploring the island this way.

   Chandler enjoyed some spaghetti at one of our favorite restaurants on the island. He was a complete mess, but he was happy so I didn't care. My calzone was yummy, too!

He  had some yummy ice cream at one of the local ice cream shops...

He played at the park...

He played in the pool...

                                                       He played in the sand and water...

He did lots of sweeping...

And he was super silly!

 We made lots of fun memories together, and I can't wait to go back again next year!


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