Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful for Big Changes

It seems that this is the week of change at our house. Sometimes change is nice! 
Here are some of the changes taking place.

Chandler is officially wearing big boy underwear!
So, he's almost 3 1/2 years old, and "stubborn as a mule" as my Granny says. I finally took the plunge and just started putting him in underwear for good on Monday. After talking to several other moms of boys, I came to realize that Pull-Ups are just a gimmick to get us to spend more money. (I wish I had all that money back!) Maybe they work for some kids, but Chandler just used them as an excuse not to go use the potty. Now that he's wearing underwear, he has to stop what he is doing and go.

I've had to clean up some accidents, including one pee-pee accident on the couch the first day, and I've had to wash several loads of sheets and underwear, but I am proud to say that he has been dry for two days even during naps, overnight, and out on the town.

Chandler is getting a big boy bed.
On Monday I ordered a twin bed with a matching dresser and night stand which will be here tomorrow, and I purchased a brand new mattress set for Chandler's room. I took advantage of a sale going on at Hobby Lobby last week, as well as an awesome sale at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago, and I got him some of the cutest things for his nautical-themed room, which we are thankfully not having to repaint. I know he is going to love it! We have been telling him about his big boy bed, and he has been telling everyone he sees. We have also been using it as a kind of bribe for potty training. Is that horrible?

I found this idea on Pinterest, and we are going to try it out before we order expensive bed rails. Has anyone done this with little ones? I will let you know if they work, and I will definitely be posting pictures soon.

The master bathroom is getting a makeover.
Tomorrow morning Brent and I are putting on our work clothes and painting the master bathroom while Chandler goes and spends some time with Nana. We are also updating the light fixture and mirror (another Pinterest project!), and the yucky hard-to-clean shower door is being replaced by a pretty curtain. I took advantage of a sale and some Kohl's cash and got some new towels and candles, too. I'm pretty excited about this much needed update. I just wish we had the money to pay someone else to do it!

The master bedroom got some upgrades, too. 
On the same day I got all the bath items on sale at Kohl's, I found some discontinued pillows and shams on sale that match my already existing comforter. It's nice to have something new and simple to freshen up the room. My favorite part? Brent has actually made the bed each day this week! Look for before and after photos soon.

Brent will be working less overtime
We may miss the extra money to a certain extent, especially since it's almost back to school time for me,  but I couldn't be more excited that he is going to be home with us more, at least for a little while. Chandler and I both need him.


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  1. Love all these changes, Salena! We never did bed rails and mine were always fine. You remind me of Andrea with all your sales finds at just the right moment!