Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Christmas Cheer

I couldn't be more pleased that Chandler is finally old enough to get excited about Christmas! It's so sweet to hear the things he says and to see his face light up with pure joy over some of the same things that excited me as a child (and quite frankly as an adult, if I'm honest with myself!).

He loves seeing Santa all over the place, and he declares over and over that he's bringing him a four wheeler. It's funny how he has caught on so quickly. We've already watched the original Rudolph movie with Burl Ives two times, and each time he gets super excited when he sees Santa, but I think he gets even more excited over the abominable snowman, which I think is so funny. Most kids would be a little afraid of him, but yesterday when we went to Kmart, he got all excited when he saw him on the shelf. He even gave him a hug! Both times he has also called Herbie the elf's "Denistry" book the Bible. I can certainly see the resemblance!

We put up our Christmas decorations last Friday, and he is in love with the snowman beside the front porch. He wants to go see it every evening after the lights come on (and even before that if he thinks about it). He also loves the Christmas tree, but thankfully he has not offered to even bother it. This afternoon he did remind me that it was time to turn on the lights, though.

Our drive through Cornelia Park a couple of nights ago was magical for him as well. As we drove slowly behind the other cars he would exclaim, "There's Santa Clause!, There's Trees!, There's A Bear!". It was precious.

All of these things warm my heart greatly. It brings me pure joy to experience these things with him, but most of all I look forward to sharing the story of Jesus with him this Christmas. We've already taken a look at the nativity scene together on the mantle and we've talked about how Jesus was born a long time ago because he loves us so much, and this evening he called it a "Jesus' House". Some may say he's too young to understand, but I completely disagree. It may be a while before he understands everything, I agree, but I don't think any child is too young to learn about Jesus. After all, He is the reason for the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. awwww..it's been so long since we drove through Cornelia park to see the lights. :)

    love that you are enjoying your sweet boy so much...such a precious gift from the Lord!!