Monday, July 23, 2012

Laser Show

Each year, Brent's work sponsors some type of family day event or gives a gift that families can enjoy together. This year, he received two vouchers for a year-long membership to Stone Mountain Park, which really is an awesome deal! So, before school is back in session and things get super busy at our house, we decided to take advantage of the passes and head down to the laser show this weekend. (We're thinking we might go back and enjoy other parts of the park when it's not quite so hot!)

On the way to the park, we stopped for a quick bite at Burger King. Chandler loved people watching while he ate and waving at all the people who were coming in.
When we found our spot on the lawn, Chandler enjoyed running around and around our chairs and blanket. He was too cute when he danced to the music! I guess he gets his dance skills from his Mama. (Poor thing!)
He also loved the glowstick bracelets that I gave him (that I found at Walmart for 25 cents!), and he insisted that they be put on his ankles. He played with the bracelets long after the laser show was over and amazingly kept himself awake for almost an hour after we left the park... a full three hours later than when he usually goes to bed!
During the actual show, his favorite thing was the strobe lights. He would turn around and try to figure out where they went, and he said "WOW!' and "YAY!" a lot. He only jumped a little when the fireworks boomed, and it made my day just to watch his face during the show. I am thankful that I got to share this memorable evening with my two favorite boys. I can't wait to share many more memories with these two!

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