Monday, December 19, 2011

What Christmas is All About

Yesterday morning, our Pastor focused on some of the traditions of Christmas. While the traditions themselves are not bad, he really helped me reflect upon the reasons for these traditions in the first place. If our heart is in the right place, there is definitely nothing wrong with giving gifts, having a beautiful tree, or even playing Santa. However, if we leave Jesus out of Christmas, it's really just another day off from work.

Then, last night I had the privilege of attending a Christmas production at our church. It wasn't your typical church Christmas play at all, but it really tugged at my heart- strings as well. You see, the play was about how so many of us, even those of us who claim to be Christians, have in so many ways forgotten what Christmas is truly about. Thus, again I was reminded of all the traditions we have during this time of year. How important are they really?

We get so "wrapped up" in running from store to store to buy the perfect gifts, decorating the house inside and out, and cooking for one event or another. We often have an unrealistic vision of what Christmas should be like in our heads, and when real life fails to resemble those perfect visions, we often give up and are left disappointed.

So, how do we solve this problem? We must get back to the real meaning of Christmas, because in fact, without Christ, there would be no Christmas at all. Just as I saw on a sign the other day, we must remember that Mary wrapped the first Christmas gift, and if we choose to do so, we have the honor of carrying that gift around with us everywhere we go.

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  1. such a great post salena... and a much-needed reminder. thanks for sharing.