Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No One Ever Told Me...

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how quickly a year would pass by when my sweet little boy was born last year. I can't believe he's one.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how his sweet little giggles would make me forget all the stresses of the day, even if just for a little while. His giggles and smiles light up my world.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how difficult it would be to pack up his newborn clothes and put them away. I held each piece and remembered how small he was when he wore them, and I couldn't believe it.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how precious it would be to have the privilege of rocking him to sleep each night and hear him sucking on his lips as he drifts off to dreamland. This is still one of my favorite things.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how I would become a "crier", and how most of the tears would be joyous ones that only a mother can understand. Before motherhood, you rarely would have caught me crying, and now I cry at least a couple times a week.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how overwhelmed with love my heart would be just to have him in my life. My heart is happy each time I think of him.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how much he would change my entire outlook on life. Now all the things that I've seen other mothers do over the years make complete sense to me.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how hard it would be to leave him when I had to go back to work. My heart ached, even though I knew he was in good hands.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how sweet it would be to cuddle with him. I love doing this even though he is a little wiggle worm.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how I would turn into my own mother. As a teenager, this would have been a nightmare in my eyes, but now it is a blessing. She is an amazing woman.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how hard it would be sometimes. Many nights I go to bed exhausted after working all day and playing all evening while keeping my house half-way clean and getting dinner on the table, but each and every moment with him is precious, and I treasure them all.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how guilty I would feel for being away from my son. It makes me very sad.

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how becoming a mother would help me better understand my own relationship with Jesus Christ and how God loves us no matter what we do. He gave up HIS SON for us. Oh, what a love that is!

* NO ONE EVER TOLD ME how wonderful becoming a mother would be. I am so thankful God is allowing me to raise Chandler. He is such a wonderful blessing.

Why did no one ever tell me these things? They couldn't... you have to experience it to understand it.


  1. happy birthday sweet chandler! what a sweet post. thanks for sharing your heart with us.