Monday, June 23, 2014


On April 17 of this year, after lots of prayer and discussion with my husband, my parents, my in-laws, and a few close friends, I turned in my resignation to Cornelia Elementary School. It wasn't an overnight decision for sure. It's the only school I've taught at, and I was there for 11 years. I was hired the summer after my college graduation, and I stepped into my first classroom as teacher at the young age of 22.

That first year, I was with fourth graders. The next ten years were spent with first graders. I worked under three different principals and four different assistant principals. I met many life-long friends. I worked hard, I learned many lessons, and I had the privilege of teaching over 200 kids who I claimed as my own while they dwelled in my classroom with me. All of these things will always be a part of me, but when I felt the call to leave, I had to answer. I had to take a huge leap of faith. I had to step out of my comfort zone.

Some thought it was because of family issues (we have been considering adoption, as many of you may know, but we have not made any definite decisions on this), some thought it was because I no longer had the desire to teach. Please don't worry, though, I am not giving up teaching. I think it is what I have been called to do. I am, however, taking a different path, at least for now. It's what is best for my family. 

Therefore, I am proud to officially announce that I will be a part of the Trinity Classical School family beginning in August. Chandler will be joining me there as well as a member of the newly-formed preschool program. It has been amazing to see how God has orchestrated all of this. 

If you are reading this, I ask that you pray for us as we make this new and exciting transition. We are very blessed, and I know that God has some wonderful things in store for us on this new journey.

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  1. There is nothing like going where God leads. Can't wait to see what's in store for you at Trinity!