Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Chandler-isms

It's been a while since I posted any of these, so I thought I would post them for your enjoyment! I hope you find them as precious as I do. I especially adore the way he adds "es" to the end of a lot of his words.

Naxes = Snack

Bloxes = Blocks

Teen Up = Clean Up

Dinsor Chrane = Dinosaur Train

Boh the Biller = Bob the Builder

Whyatt!!! = Super Why (Loves it!)

Min = Amen

Bootses = Fruit

Bapes = Grapes

Tut Gas = Cut Grass (Loves to watch!)

Gas Wet = The grass is wet.

Weed = Weedeater

Poon = Spoon

Pork = Fork

Tut = Cut (As in "Cut my food.")

Toc Ball = Soccer Ball

Foo Ball = Football

Bass Ball = Basketball

Tarses = Car

Tees = Cheese 

Tetcha = Ketchup

Muss = Mustard

Omeal = Oatmeal

Cheeros = Cheerios

Brandon = Grandad (Brent's Dad)

Empa = Grandpa (My Dad)

Wallma = Walmart

Choos On = Put my/your shoes on.

Poo = Pool

Bash = Bath

Toth = Cloth (Washcloth)



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