Sunday, January 30, 2011

If Only I Were That Satisfied With Simple Things

The other day I watched Chandler as he crawled excitedly across the kitchen where I was preparing his diaper bag for the following day. At first I thought he was coming to climb on my legs and reach for me as he often does when I am standing, but then he stopped, turned and headed the other direction just as quickly as he came. Within a matter of seconds I heard that familiar sound- a sweet, high-pitched squeal of pleasure that always puts a smile on my face.

What caused this squeal? Not his riding toy, ball popper, or even his Scout toy from Christmas that says his name, but an empty Aquafina water bottle filled with dry elbow noodles. If only I were as satisfied with the simple things in life...


  1. Amelia loves empty water bottles that have been refilled. Deanne keeps two or three at her house!

  2. love the new blog. can't wait to read about everything that is going on in your house!